What is PerkFire?

PerkFirePerkFire is a coupon and deals website where you can unlock perks and local business deals by sharing through social media. Most of all, it’s completely free for you to use!

Compatible across all mobile devices?

Yes. Smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPads or any other mobile device that has an internet connection. PerkFire works on all browsers, but we recommend you use FireFox or Safari for best results.

PerkFire on Desktop Computers?

Yes. However, our mobile web app been styled specifically for mobile phones or tablets. Viewing the site on a desktop might look a little funky, but we don’t know many of you who would want to carry their desktop computers in-store to redeem a coffee 🙂

What types of businesses use it? 

Small to large businesses are using PerkFire to advertise their specials. Some of the business categories include: Restaurants, bars, salons, automotive, retail shops, health professionals and clubs, entertainment (theme parks, movie theaters etc.), and home improvement. While the site is geared toward small businesses, we do have larger retailers soliciting on our site. Start searching different categories.

Do I have to have Facebook in order to use PerkFire?

Yes and No. If you want to unlock deals….yes. If you want to just look around the site…no. PerkFire was built around social sharing. It’s the best way to help support local businesses while getting you a fair trade (discounts). Sharing the business’s message will help them grow and in return, you’ll get a reward for doing so each time.

Is it really free to use?

Yes! There are no membership fees or buying coupon subscriptions whatsoever. It’s free and always will be.

What is location sharing and why is it required?

Perks are populated by a certain distance around your current location. If you aren’t seeing any deals pop up, it’s because: 1.) You haven’t allowed location sharing on your device or 2.) There are no deals inside the range of your device. A majority of our users prefer seeing deals near them since you can only use the “unlocked codes” during your in-store visit. You can filter search results near you by category. Try it out here.