Problems? Not able to unlock the code?
Solution #1: Close out ALL browser windows & Clear Your Browser Cache.
Go into your browser settings and clear the cache. After you’ve cleared your cache, please go back and refresh the page that you’re trying to unlock.
Solution #2: Change web browsers
Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are the best. If you have issues with one, simply use another and you should have better results. If your web browser crashes when you’re trying to unlock a perk, you might have too many windows open. Try closing them, clear the cache and try unlocking the perk again.
Solution #3: WiFi is best!
If your mobile device is running 3G, you might have issues loading ANY web pages period (not just our site). Try getting a better connection if possible and remember that WiFi is best!
Other problems:
Not writing anything when sharing.
When clicking the “share” button, the “share” popup will appear. You need to write something. Ex: “Check out this sweet deal.” THEN hit “post.”